Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I Want My Cake And Eat It Too!

Woman eating a cake

"I don't want a "starter" home! I want the home I grew up in. I don't want to do any work and I'm only going to pay this much for it." --Today's First Time Homebuyer

"Yes, I'm aware it's no longer a Seller's Market but I'm not going to give my home away!"--Today's Typical Homeseller

"Buyers are liars and Sellers are nuts!"--80% of Today's Real Estate Agents

"If the government doesn't bail out Wall Street, we're heading into the Second Great Depression!"--The National Media

"The American Public has every right to be upset. It's not fair for the tax payer to pay for the mistakes and greed of our financial institutions. But, we have no choice!"--POTUS

"It's Bush's fault. It's Clinton's fault. It's Wall Street's fault. It's Greenspan's fault. It's Bernanke's fault. I better sell my stocks, cash in my 401K and take my money out of the bank before it's all gone!--Joe Public