Monday, July 11, 2011

Ocean County Market Report; The First Half of 2011

How was the real estate market in Ocean County, NJ, in the first half of 2011? Well, that depends; were you looking to sell, looking to buy or “just looking”? Before we answer these questions, let’s LOOK at the numbers. The chart below shows everything (Single Family Homes, Condos, Adult Communities, etc.) that CLOSED/SOLD, in Ocean County, during the first six months of 2011:

First Half of 2011 in Ocean County

Ocean County First Half of 2011


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How Many Adult Communities Are There In Ocean County?

Rumor has it that Ocean County, NJ, is second only to Florida when it comes to “Adult Communities” and “Retirement Homes”. But, exactly how many Adult Communities and Retirement Homes are we talking about? According to the Ocean County Department of Planning, as of January 2010, there were 90 “Adult Communities” with a combined total of 65, 049 units in Ocean County, NJ.

Which Townships are Home to the Most Adult Communities in Ocean County?

Renaissance Adult Community in Manchester

Welcome to the Renaissance!

According to the Ocean County Department of Senior Services, Manchester Township leads the pack with 15 Adult Communities, followed by Brick Township with 12 and a three way tie for third with 9 Adult Communities each (Berkeley Township/Jackson Township/Toms River Township). For the complete list of Adult Communities in Ocean County, download the one page PDF here!

Which Adult Communities in Ocean County Have the Most Units?

Friday, July 1, 2011

Ocean County's Housing Market in the Second Half of 2011

Six months ago, I recorded my predictions for the Ocean County Housing Market in 2011. To date, that video has been our most viewed video on our YouTube Channel. Just the other day, we received the following comment on said video:

The brief recovery in…2009…has now been entirely snuffed out, and the average American home now costs 33% less than it did in 2007. The fall in house prices in the Depression was 31%, and prices took 19 years to recover. Prices are back to their 2002 levels…”The national index fell 4.2% over the first quarter alone, and is down 5.1% compared to its year-ago level,” David Blitzer, the chairman of the Index Committee at S&P Indices, said.

—The Independent 1 June 2011 MrBloograss 2 days ago