Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Isn't Technology Wonderful?

It's 4pm(EST) and I have received no less than 3 e-mails, on my "Blackberry", alerting me to the Fed's decision to purchase "X" amount of mortgage backed securities and the subsequent effect this announcement has had on interest rates. Isn't technology wonderful? In order to verify this information, I went to Inman News and sure enough; here's their release...Isn't technology wonderful! Then, I log on to activerain and see that Rob Rauf (see Rob's post here) has already posted this news...Isn't technology wonderful?

So, if technology is so wonderful, why aren't more real estate agents in Toms River, NJ, using it to get this exciting news out to all their buyers and buyer prospects? Well, let me give you my hypothesis:

They would rather be basting a turkey secure in their own rationalization that NO business is ever conducted over a Holiday Weekend, let alone this year. And yes, I know Thanksgiving is still two days away!

Now, please let me clarify; I have nothing against Holidays, especially Thanksgiving. I too am looking forward to loosening my belt a notch and fading in and out of a "stuffed" slumber during football...BUT NOT UNTIL THURSDAY!

Alas, have no fear; for if we are the statistics? And we are! I find comfort in the knowledge that 13% of us (real estate agents doing business in Toms River, NJ) will be busy taking advantage of; the Fed's decision, lower interest rates and technology. The same 13% will enjoy their turkey just a little more than their peers this Thursday, secure in the knowledge that while everyone else was in "Holiday Mode", they were e-mailing, texting and CALLING their buyers and buyer prospects with the GOOD NEWS!

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