Friday, February 6, 2009

"Crisis or Catastrophe"? How about Opportunity?

In his excellent article, Have We All Lost the Ability to Think for Ourselves? Randy Eager masterfully illustrates the stranglehold our national media outlets have over public perception!

He specifically quotes the following headlines from the New York Times over the last 30 days:

"Plunging Housing Markets . . . Down Again"

"Home Prices Suffer Record Monthly Drop"

"Bank Closures at All Time High in 2008" "Credit Crisis Waves Roll On"

"Growing Market in Foreclosures"

"Foreclosure Rates Show No Sign of Slowing"

"States Unemployment Funds Run Low"

And we wonder why we are on the verge of a "Crisis or Catastrophe"? If all we continue to see, read & hear is misinformation, and it is MISINFORMATION, then it manifests itself into reality because, "perception is reality"! So, what do we NEED to do? We need to dispel all the misinformation and broadcast the TRUTH:

"Bank Closures at an All Time High in 2008". Hogwash!

In 1989 there were 1,004 bank closures.

In 2008 there were 30 bank closures

On average there are 94 bank closures per year
"Foreclosure Rates Show No Sign of Slowing". Baloney!

During the Great Depression Foreclosure Rates were 50%
Nationally today our Foreclosure Rates are 3% (1.4% in Utah)
"States Unemployment Funds Run Low". Ridiculous!

During the Great Depression Unemployment ran at 25%

Nationally today our Unemployment is 7.2%

Perhaps, our newly elected President, himself, should take the LEAD and inspire HOPE instead of FEAR!

Dear Mr. President,

You were elected on a platform of "Change". Please live up to your words and follow them with your actions! This is not the time for the "same old, same old". This is the time for LEADERSHIP!

I did not vote for you because I did not, and still do not, believe in you. Please prove me wrong!


Jim Flanagan

I realize that I am but one voice in a sea of many but if anyone feels the same way I do, and Randy Eager does, please speak now, write now and let's FOCUS on the "reality" not the "perception"!

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