Friday, February 26, 2010

What the Tax Credit means for Home-Sellers in Ocean County, NJ!

I was taking advantage of the "snowicane" last night by catching up on the lives and adventures of my "friends" on FaceBook, when I read an article posted by Keeping Current Matters. Now, I am already a "fan" of The KCM Crew but this particular post, "Success Strategies for March", really got me thinking:
  • Do home-sellers understand the Tax Credit?
  • Are their real estate agents explaining the significance of this "window of opportunity" to them?
  • Do real estate agents realize it is their fiduciary responsibility to make their sellers aware of the significance of pricing their home right, right now?
  • Do home-sellers realize their home is WORTH MORE NOW than it will be on May 1, 2010?
So, I decided not to take any chances, threw my boots on and trudged through the "snowicane" to the office in order to make this short video and sleep well tonight!

And the rest of the day to you...

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