Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ocean County's Adult Community of the Week: The Renaissance!

Renaissance Adult Community in Manchester

Welcome to the Renaissance!

Last month we reported about the Ocean County Adult Community Real Estate Market for the First Quarter of 2011. This month we decided to take a “snapshot” of a specific Adult Community each week and we are beginning with the Renaissance in Manchester.

For a comprehensive look at most of the Retirement Villages in Northern Ocean County, NJ, check out this “White Paper”.

The Renaissance is Manchester’s Premier Adult Community.

Manchester is home to a number of Adult Communities and Retirement Villages, including those located in the Whiting section of the township. What makes the Renaissance stand out from the crowd?

In 2010, 49 homes sold at an average sales price of $284,000 in the Renaissance. The average sales price for all of the Adult Communities in Manchester for 2010 was $95,000.


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