Tuesday, February 1, 2011

One of these homes is NOT like the others...

What do 5 out of 6 of these homes have in common?
  • Yes, they are ALL in New Jersey!
  • Yes, they are ALL on "The Shore" (Bayhead/Mantoloking Area)!
  • Yes, they are ALL over $1,000,000 (4 of them are over $2,000,000)!
Give up?

ONLY 1 was SHOVELED OUT this past weekend! Yes, you read that right; 5 out of 6 "Million Dollar" homes, listed "For Sale", by brokerages on the "Jersey Shore", were NOT SHOVELED out from the last snowstorm...and probably the 2 before that too.

When asked how she was supposed to show her ready, willing & able buyer these Luxury Shore Homes, our agent was advised, "have your buyer bring a shovel" by the Listing Broker of 2 of these homes...REALLY?


Here's Our Winner!:

And we wonder why our public perception is lower than used car salespeople and lawyers...C'mon man!

And the rest of the day to you...


Unknown said...

I wonder what the sellers would think about the lack of concern in making their home accessible to buyers in this tough market.

Rosie McGeehan said...

The agent did bring her shovel and it did come in handy! thankfully, the buyers had a great sense of adventure.