Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Will the Groundhog see it's "Shadow Inventory" in Ocean County?

Will Home-Sellers in Ocean County, NJ, SEE the benefits of an early Spring by listing and pricing their homes to sell? Or will they SEE their "Shadow Inventory" come to market and suffer 6 more MONTHS of Wintry Price Declines?

February 2nd may be Groundhog Day to most of us, but if you NEED to SELL your home in Ocean County this Spring, February 2nd may be the day you see the light and list your home for sale with a professional at a compelling price!

Here's why:
So, contrary to popular belief; "waiting until Spring" to put your home on the market in Ocean County, NJ, could cost you a lot of money and a lot of time! Instead; climb out of that hole, shake yourself off and hire a knowledgeable, skilled professional to market your home at a compelling price before you SEE your "Shadow Inventory" bite you in the...

Oh yeah; Happy Groundhog Day!

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